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"A visually guided spine biopsy simulator with force feedback "
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S.G. Sun, H.W. Park
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"A Fast Hierarchical Algorithm of Maximum Intensity Projection "
K.H. Kim, H.W. Park
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S.Y. Lee, M.H. Cho, C.H. Moon, H.W. Park
World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, pp.2061-2062, Chicago, USA
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"Fast visualization of needle motion in volume rendered image for spine biopsy simulator "
K.H. Kim, J.B. Ra, H.W. Park
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"Consortium for promoting the use of mediaprocessors in multimedia applications "
M. Grow, D. Kim, W. Kim, H.W. Park, Y. Kim
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"Development of a spine biopsy simulator with visual and force feedback "
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Y.L. Lee, H.W. Park
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S.T. Jeong, H.W. Park
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"Efficient Volume Visualization of 3-D Ultrasound Image "
C.A. Kim, J.H. Oh, H.W. Park
Proceedings of SPIE, pp.558-568, SanDiego, USA
"A Real-time Encoding/Decoding System for HDTV Editing "
J.H. Jeon, Y.S. Park, C.S. Lee, J. Kang, J.H. Park, D.S. Yoon, H.W. Park
IEEE workshop on multimedia signal processing, pp.215-220, LA, USA

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