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"Real-time MPEG-2 video codec system using multiple digital signal processors"
J.H. Jeon, H.S. Kim, G.N. Boo, J.S. Song, E.W. Lee, and H.W. Park
Multimedia Tools and Applications, Vol. 11(2), pp. 197-214
"Motion Estimation Using Low-Band-Shift Method for Wavelet-Based Moving-Picture Coding"
H.W. Park and H.S. Kim
IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, Vol. 9(4), pp. 577-587
"A design method of minimum-inductance planar MRI gradient coils considering pole piece effect"
C.H. Moon, H.W. Park, and S.Y. Lee
Measurement Science and Technology, Vol. 10, pp. N136-N141
"Subblock Sum Matching Algorithm for Block-Based Interframe Coding"
S.S. Kim, J.S. Kim, and H.W. Park
Signal Processing: Image Communication, Vol. 15(3), pp. 189-199
"A Post-processing Method for Reducing Quantization Effects in Low Bit-rate Moving Picture Coding"
H.W. Park and Y.L. Lee
IEEE Trans. on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 9(1), pp.161-171
"Statistical Textural Features for Detection of Microcalcifications in Digitized Mammograms"
J.K. Kim and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging, Vol. 18(3), pp. 231-238
"Detection of Clustered Microcalcification on Mammograms using Artificial Neural Network and Surrounding Region Dependence Method"
J.K. Kim, J.M. Park, K.S. Song, and H.W. Park
J of VLSI Signal Processing Systems, Vol. 18(3), pp.251-262
"Blocking Effect Reduction of JPEG Images by Signal Adaptive Filtering"
Y.L. Lee, H.C. Kim and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, Vol. 7(2), pp.229-234
"Adaptive Mammographic Image Enhancement Using First Derivative and Local Statistics"
J.K. Kim, K.S. Song, J.M. Park, and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging, Vol. 16(5), pp.495-502
"Lossless Medical Image Compression by Multi-level Decomposition"
K.S. Kang and H.W. Park
Journal of Digital Imaging, Vol. 9(1), pp 11-20
"DWT and CVQ Based Image Coding for Low Bitrate"
H.J. Park and H.W. Park
Electronics Letters, Vol. 31(10), pp 781-782
"Hardware and Software Requirements for PACS Diagnostic Workstations"
D.R. Haynor, D.V. Smith, H.W. Park, and Y. Kim
Journal of Digital Imaging, Vol. 5(2), pp 107-117
"Fast Gradient-Echo Chemical-Shift Imaging"
H.W. Park, Y.H. Kim, and Z.H. Cho
Magn. Reson. in Med. 7: pp 340-345
"Measurement of Magnetic Susceptibility Effect in High Field NMR Imaging"
H.W. Park, Y.M. Ro, and Z.H. Cho
Phys. in Med. Biol. 33(3): pp 339-349
"Gradient Reversal Technique and Its Applications to Chemical-Shift Related NMR Imagings"
H.W. Park, D.J. Kim, and Z.H. Cho
Magn. Reson. in Med. 4: pp 526-536

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