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"Improved susceptibility weighted imaging method using multi-echo acquisition"
S.S. Oh, S.H. Oh, Y. Nam, D. Han, R.B. Stafford, J. Hwang, D.H. Kim, H.W. Park, and J. Lee
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Vol. 72(2), pp. 452-458
"A pulse artifact removal method considering artifact variations in the simultaneous recording of EEG and fMRI"
S.S. Oh, Y.J. Han, J.H. Lee, S.D. Yun, J.K. Kang, E.M. Lee, J.Y. Chung, H.W. Yoon, and H.W. Park
Neuroscience Research, Vol. 81, pp. 42-50
"An Efficient Multi-View Generation Method from a Single-View Video Based on Affine Geometry Information"
H.S. Lim and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. On Multimedia, Vol. 16(3), pp. 726-737
"fMRI Analysis of Excessive Binocular Disparity on the Human Brain"
D.C. Kim, Y.J. Jung, Y.H. Han, J.S. Choi, E.W. Kim, B.S. Jeong, Y.M. Ro and H.W. Park
International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, Vol.24(1), pp. 94-102
"A new susceptibility-weighted image reconstruction method for the reduction of background phase artifacts"
Y.J. Lee, Y.J. Han, and H.W. Park
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Vol. 71(3), pp. 1324-1335
"A novel detection method of periodically moving region in radial MRI"
H.S. Seo and H.W. Park
IEIE Trans. On Smart Processing and Computing
"Pattern-based Granger causality mapping in fMRI"
E.W. Kim, D.S. Kim, F. Ahmad, and H.W. Park
Brain Connectivity, Vol. 3(6), pp. 569-577
"Development of filtering methods for PET signals contaminated by RF pulses for combined PET-MRI"
Y.S. Huh, Y. Choi, K.J. Hong, W. Hu, J.H. Kang, J.H. Jung,M.S. Song, H.W. Park, and B.T. Kim
IEEE Trans. On Nuclear Science, Vol. 60(5), pp. 3205-3211
"A slice-wise latent structure regression method for the analysis of functional magnetic resonance imaging data"
F. Ahmad, S.U. Chaudhary, S.H. Kim, and H.W. Park
Concept in Magnetic Resonance Part A, Vol. 42(4), pp. 130-139
"A shrinkage method for causal network detection of brain regions"
F Ahmad, Namgil L, E.W. Kim, S.H. Kim, and H.W. Park
International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, Vol. 23(2), pp. 140-146
"Cultural modulation of the neural correlates of emotional pain perception: The role of other-focusedness"
B. Cheon, D.M. Im, T. Harada, J.S. Kim, V.A. Mathur, J.M. Scimeca, T.B. Parrish, H.W. Park, and J.Y. Chiao
Neuropsycholigia, Vol. 51(7), pp. 1177-1186
"An iterative reconstruction method of complex images using expectation maximization for radial parallel MRI"
J.S. Choi, D.C. Kim, C.H. Oh, Y.J. Han and H.W. Park
Physics in Medicine and Biology, Vol. 58(9), pp. 2969-2988
"A prototype MR insertable brain PET using tileable GAPD arrays"
K.J. Hong, Y. Choi, J.H. Jung, J. Kang, W. Hu, H.K. Lim, Y. Huh, S. Kim, J.W. Jung, K.B. Kim, M.S. Song, and H.W. Park
Medical Physics, Vol. 40(4), pp. 042503-1~12
"Iterative true motion estimation for motion-compensated frame interpolation"
D.Y. Kim, H.J. Lim, and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 23(3), pp. 445-454
"Multiple target tracking using cognitive data association of spatiotemporal prediction and visual similarity"
Y.M. Seong, and H.W. Park
Pattern Recognition, Vol. 45(9), pp. 3451-3462

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