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"A prototype MR insertable brain PET using tileable GAPD arrays"
K.J. Hong, Y. Choi, J.H. Jung, J. Kang, W. Hu, H.K. Lim, Y. Huh, S. Kim, J.W. Jung, K.B. Kim, M.S. Song, and H.W. Park
Medical Physics, Vol. 40(4), pp. 042503-1~12
"Iterative true motion estimation for motion-compensated frame interpolation"
D.Y. Kim, H.J. Lim, and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 23(3), pp. 445-454
"Multiple target tracking using cognitive data association of spatiotemporal prediction and visual similarity"
Y.M. Seong, and H.W. Park
Pattern Recognition, Vol. 45(9), pp. 3451-3462
"A correction method for streak artifacts in gradient-echo EPI using spin-echo EPI reference data"
J.Y. Chung, Y.J. Han, Z.H. Cho, and H.W. Park
Magn. Reson. Mater. Phy., Vol. 25(3), pp. 205-213
"A fast mode decision method based on motion cost and intra prediction cost for H.264/AVC"
J.Y. Lee, and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 22(3), pp. 393-402
"Visual comfort assessment metric based on salient object motion information in stereoscopic video"
Y.J. Jung, S.I. Lee, H.S Sohn, H.W. Park, and Y.M. Ro
J. of Electronic Imaging, Vol. 21(1), pp. 11008-11011
"A novel method for effective connectivity of brain regions"
F. Ahmad, M. Maqbool, E.W. Kim, H.W. Park, and D.S. Kim
Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A, Vol. 41A(1), pp. 14-24
"A new fMRI analysis method for multiple stimuli using reference estimation"
E.W. Kim, Y.J. Han, and H.W. Park
International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, Vol. 21(4), pp. 315-322
"A symmetric motion estimation method for motion-compensated frame interpolation"
H.J. Lim, and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. On Image Processing, vol. 20(12), pp. 3653-3658
"A skull-stripping method for brain MRI using a 3D level set with speedup operator"
J.Y. Hwang, Y.J. Han, and H.W. Park
J of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Vol. 34(2), pp. 445-456
"Cultural influences on neural basis of intergroup empathy"
B.K. Cheon, D.M. Im, T. Harada, J.S. Kim, V.A. Mathur, J.M. Scimeca, T.B. Parish, H.W. Park, and J.Y. Chiao
NeuroImage, Vol. 57(2), pp. 642-650
"Facile synthetic route for surface-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles: cell labeling and magnetic resonance imaging studies"
H.J. Chung, H.S. Lee, K.H. Bae, Y.H. Lee, J.N. Park, S.W. Cho, J.Y. Hwang, H.W. Park, R. Langer, D. Anderson, and T.G. Park
ACS Nano, Vol. 5(6), pp. 4329-4336
"Quantitative measurement of binocular color fusion limit for non-spectral colors"
Y.J. Jung, H.S. Sohn, S.I. Lee, Y.M. Ro, and H.W. Park
Optics Express, Vol. 19(8), pp. 7325-7338
"An automatic cerebellum extraction method in T1-weighted brain MR images using an active contour model with a shape prior"
J.Y. Hwang, J.M. Kim, Y.J. Han, and H.W. Park
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Vol. 29(7), pp. 1014-1022
"A ringing-artifact reduction method for block-DCT-based image resizing"
H.J. Lim and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 21(7), pp. 879-889

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