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"A skull-stripping method for brain MRI using a 3D level set with speedup operator"
J.Y. Hwang, Y.J. Han, and H.W. Park
J of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Vol. 34(2), pp. 445-456
"Cultural influences on neural basis of intergroup empathy"
B.K. Cheon, D.M. Im, T. Harada, J.S. Kim, V.A. Mathur, J.M. Scimeca, T.B. Parish, H.W. Park, and J.Y. Chiao
NeuroImage, Vol. 57(2), pp. 642-650
"Facile synthetic route for surface-functionalized magnetic nanoparticles: cell labeling and magnetic resonance imaging studies"
H.J. Chung, H.S. Lee, K.H. Bae, Y.H. Lee, J.N. Park, S.W. Cho, J.Y. Hwang, H.W. Park, R. Langer, D. Anderson, and T.G. Park
ACS Nano, Vol. 5(6), pp. 4329-4336
"Quantitative measurement of binocular color fusion limit for non-spectral colors"
Y.J. Jung, H.S. Sohn, S.I. Lee, Y.M. Ro, and H.W. Park
Optics Express, Vol. 19(8), pp. 7325-7338
"An automatic cerebellum extraction method in T1-weighted brain MR images using an active contour model with a shape prior"
J.Y. Hwang, J.M. Kim, Y.J. Han, and H.W. Park
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Vol. 29(7), pp. 1014-1022
"A ringing-artifact reduction method for block-DCT-based image resizing"
H.J. Lim and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 21(7), pp. 879-889
"A new distortion measure for motion estimation in motion-compensated hybrid video coding"
J.H. Lee, and H.W. Park
Signal processing: Image communication, Vol. 26, pp. 75-84
"Localization of interictal spike using EEG-fMRI and EEG source modeling"
E.M. Lee, J.K. Kang, S.S. Oh, M.S. Song, J.Y. Chung, K.Y. Jung, D.S. Lim, and H.W. Park
Epilepsia, Vol. 51, pp. 97
"Adaptive interpolation-based divide-and-predict intra coding for H.264/AVC"
Y.J. Piao and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 20(12), pp. 1915-1921
"Dynamic range expansion of receiver by using optimized gain adjustment for high-field MRI"
C.H. Oh, Y.C. Ryu, J.H. Hyun, S.H. Bae, S.T. Chung, H.W. Park, and Y.G. Kim
Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A, Vol. 26A(4), pp. 243-254
"A 6:1 image compression method using directional prediction for LCD overdrive"
Y.J. Piao, J.H. Park, J.H. Park, and H.W. Park
J of the Society for Information Display, Vol. 18(5), pp. 386-390
"Bio-inspired synthesis and characterization of Gadolium-labeled magnetite nanoparticles for dual contrast T1 and T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging"
K.H. Bae, Y.B. Kim, Y.H. Lee, J.Y. Hwang, H.W. Park, and T.G. Park
Bioconjugate Chemistry, Vol. 21, pp. 505-512
"An efficient priority-based reference frame selection method for fast motion estimation in H.264/AVC"
D.S. Jun and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. On Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. 20(8), pp. 1156-1161
"Application of independent component analysis for the data mining of simultaneous EEG-fMRI: Preliminary experience on sleep onset"
J.H. Lee, S. Oh, F.A. Jolesz, H.W. Park, and S.S. Yoo
International Journal of Neuroscience, Vol. 119(8), pp. 1118-1136
"Positive contrast visualization for cellular magnetic resonance imaging using susceptibility-weighted echo-time encoding magnetic resonance imaging"
Y.B. Kim, K.H. Bae, S.S. Yoo, T.G. Park, and H.W. Park
Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Vol. 27(5), pp. 601-610

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