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"Progressive Coding of Error-Diffused Bi-level Images"
C.S. Lee and H.W. Park
Journal of Electronic Imaging, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 173-178
"Near-lossless/lossless compression of error-diffused images using a two-pass approach"
C.S. Lee and H.W. Park
IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, Vol. 12(2), pp. 170-175
"Automatic target recognition using boundary-partitioning and invariant features in forward-looking infrared images"
S.G. Sun and H.W. Park
Optical Engineering, Vol. 42, No. 2, pp. 524-533
"Spine needle biopsy simulator using visual and force feedback"
J.B. Ra, S.M. Kwon, J.K. Kim, J. Yi, K.H. Kim, H.W. Park, K.U. Kyung, D.S. Kwon, H.S. Kang, S.T. Kwon, L. Jiang, J. Zeng, K. Cleary, and S.K. Mun
Computer Aided Surgery, Vol. 7, No. 6, pp. 353-363
"Fast surface and volume rendering on shear-warp factorization for surgical simulator"
K.H. Kim, M.J. Kwon, S.M. Kwon, J.B. Ra, and H.W. Park
Computer Aided Surgery, Vol. 7(5), pp. 268-278
"A multiresolutional coding method based on SPIHT"
K.H. Park, C.S. Lee, and H.W. Park
Signal Processing: Image Communications, Vol. 17, pp. 467-476
"Adaptive filtering for noise reduction in HSI color space"
H.W. Park, L. Gopishankar, and Y. Kim
Optical Engineering, Vol. 41(6), pp. 1232-1239
"Region-of-interest coding based on set partitioning in hierarchical trees"
K.H. Park and H.W. Park
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C.S. Lee and H.W. Park
IEE Electronics Letters, Vol. 38(3), pp. 124-125, 2002.
"Mammographic mass detection by adaptive thresholding and region growing"
Y.J. Lee, J.M. Park, and H.W. Park
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"Segmentation of FLIR image using fuzzy thresholding and edge detection"
S.G. Sun and H.W. Park
Optical Engineering, Vol. 40(11), pp. 2638-2645
"A fast progressive method of maximum intensity projection"
K.H. Kim and H.W. Park
Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, Vol. 25(5), pp. 433-441
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C.S. Park and H.W. Park
Pattern Recognition, Vol. 34(12), pp. 2573-2576
"Loop filtering and post filtering for low bitrate moving picture coding"
Y.L. Lee and H.W. Park
Signal Processing: Image Communication, Vol. 16, pp. 871-890
"Multiresolution Motion Estimation for Wavelet-Based Moving-Picture Coding"
H.S. Kim and H.W. Park
Signal Processing: Image Communication, Vol. 16, pp. 669-679

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