Medical Imaging

  • Diffusion-Weighted Imaging: From Imaging to Tractography
  • Susceptibility Weighted Imaging
  • EEG with fMRI: Algorithm for Artifact Reduction)
  • Metal Artifact Correction
  • Improvement of MRI System for High SNR
  • MR Angiography
  • Parallel Imaging
  • Cardiac MRI
  • Synthetic MRI
  • Perfusion-Weighted Imaging
  • Visualization and Analysis of fMRI and MR Images
  Cellular Imaging
  • Detection of magnetic particles (SPIO)-labeled cells using positive contrast technique
  • In vivo tumor MRI of SPIO-labeled cancer cells in mouse

  Parallel Imaging
  • Fast Imaging technique using SENSE
  • fMRI study using HGS-parallel

  Simultaneous Brain Signal Acquisition with EEG and fMRI
  • EEG with fMRI: Measurement of EEG inside MR scanner
  • Epilepsy Study

  Diffusion Tensor Imaging and 3D Reconstruction
  • DTI sequence for robustness to the several noises
  • A software to visualize fiber structures in human brain
  • 3D brain MR image visualization: Registration, Segmentation, Inflation, Flattening, and fMRI data mapping
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